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Veda Press is the most recommended publishing house by the authors. Authors of Veda Press are completely satisfied with our teamwork, printing quality, sales and post publishing support. Unlike traditional publishing, self publishing book with Veda Press will get your book published in just 30 days time.
Veda Press provides best self publishing services with best possible experience while self publishing book.
Since you are self publishing your book, you pay the full cost for publishing of your book and you are responsible for marketing and distribution, however, Veda Press is having a lot of Online Book Promotion and Author Branding services which helps you to reach target audiences. Therefore, the designed copies, the copyright, all subsidiary rights, and all profits are only with the authors. The most beneficial feature of Self Publishing is whatever you spend; you can earn it easily since we will be providing the marketing and promotional services for selling of your book once the book is published worldwide.
Veda Press provides a-to-z book design, publishing and production services for independent authors who seek all the quality of traditional publishing without forfeiting their rights and royalties in return. Here are a few reasons why Veda Press have been one of the most efficient and highly rated publishing companies in India.

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