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Step 1: Enter details & calculate SSP



Step 2: Set MRP & Calculate Royalty



Taxes are extra as applicable. Royalty from distribution channels is less as compared with our store because of additional distribution charges (extra taxes) are imposed there.
Authors may give discount to readers up to their royalty share in our store.

Questions of your mind

What Does 100% Royalty Means?
You will get 100% profit share on each book selling. The profit is calculated subtracting expenses (production cost and distribution commission) as: Royalty = MRP - Distribution Commission - Production Cost and Taxes.

Why there is difference between Veda Press's Royalty and Other Channel’s Royalty ?
Other distribution channels charges Commission (50% of MRP) on each book selling. However when the book is sold from our store then only production cost and taxes is deducted and remaining amount is credited to author as royalty. We do not charge distribution Commission on Veda Press store.

What is Minimum MRP ?
Suggested Selling Price (SSP) is the least possible cost of the book that is decided according to the printing cost of the book. You may set the price of book as any price higher than SSP. Higher Selling Price will provide higher royalty.

How Royalty is Paid ?
We credit royalty on monthly basis. The live sales reports are updated on your author dashboard and the amount is directly paid to your registered bank account.

How I can order my own book's copies?
Authors just need to pay the production cost + taxes + shipping to order book from them. Printing and shipment process takes 7-10 Days.