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No Time to Love
author Umend
Pages: 210, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non Fiction
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Diya is eighteen. Wonderful! Fell in love at thirteen. Amazing! She is no longer a virgin. So cool! But she is still in love with her first love. To say that Diya has the perfect love story will be no exaggeration. But her love loves her back only in her dreams. In real life, he is busy skirt-chasing every single girl except her. Years pass, and Diya finds it impossible to get over him. She is determined to make her first love her last, even if she gets hurt again and again. Will Diya get the happy ending she so desperately wants? A passionate love story, first love journeys through the love of two youngsters as they get hurt, suffer heartbreaks, and love with an unending passion.